This is where we work with those with a will to do something out of the ordinary.

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early stage startups

We are an incredible hospitality space called Preseed Ecell nestled in a small quaint farm at Mussoorie, Himalayas. We run this space with our food R&D brand Pepperstar as our hospitality partner:

  1. Our business consulting firm 4c

  2. A premium hostel, cafe and coworking for entrepreneurs called 'Preseed Prints Cafe Hostel' (Coming soon)

  3. Our boutique hotel and restaurant called Startup Kitchen (SK)


Preseed Prints Cafe Hostel

Startup Kitchen


Our consulting firm designed for startups associated with Preseed Ecell.

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Here we sell posters. Just simple posters for entrepreneurs. At a sale of every 100th framed poster we invite one entrepreneur among the customers of Preseed prints to live with us for a few days for free. We have started this initiative to support deserving entrepreneurs to stay and work from our Preseed prints cafe hostel for free for 3 days and 2 nights. Although food will be chargeable. Please apply here with your customer code from Preseed prints to be selected into the this programme.

One of the highlights of this cafe is its weekends filled with a workshop where we would discuss how a business should be built tastefully keeping contemporary technology, communication and design sensibilities right at the top. You should rather dig this well for we are assuring you that no where in India would you find the kind of education and the educators you will experience in this workshop.


Startup Kitchen

This is where we add the 'Preseed touch' to early stage startups, through our boutique hotel.

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