Startup Leadership Mentoring (SLM)

4Consult advises the leaders of startups in 4Consult SLM portfolio through out their lifetime in return for 5% equity in their startup.

By the way we take incubation/acceleration of our startups in the world's best incubators/accelerators very seriously. Thus we take it upon ourselves to have our startup portfolio companies placed within them, at the right time. We also understand that a lot of events in early stage startups are such that the human resources are not available and there is an urgent need. In such cases, whatever available human resources 4Consult has, would be deployed to assist the startup in need, in that moment.

Our Startups

Todoed, Quipd, Preseed Prints, Myidealist, Pepperstar

We are looking for 5 solid advisors, to spend very little time per week on our startups within SLM.
We are willing to share 10% of profits made within SLM, with each of them. Interested?